Joey Marsocci   (Doctor Grymm)  

Owner and purveyor of Dr. Grymm Laboratories – prescribing evil science since 1889.

One of our favorite Steampunk artists, Grymm recently appeared on BBC America, and has professional work permanently installed in Las Vegas , NV.

Joey, the man behind the myth, has been a freelance designer of theme park attractions, toys, puppets, graphic marketing, film props, and private consignments for over 18 years, and is also the Author of two upcoming Steampunk books.

Marsocci’s mix of Victorian elegance and science fiction styling through sculpture and design, put him at the forefront of this evolving art genre.

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Justin Stanley   (Emperor)  

Ruler of the Red Fork Empire, who hails from numerous locations in the multiverse – simultaneously.

He, who has triumphed over Dull and gained notoriety, infamy, popularity, adoring masses, and ominous powers – has also been known to throw caution to the wind and roll with the punches.

Bestowed with glorious Inter-dimensional awards for creativity and his unique spin on the Steampunk World, the Emperor is anything but humble.

His most recent work has been seen in Arizona, New Hampshire and Colorado. So catch him where you can.

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Kat McNiff   (Miss Kitty)  

Born in St. Louis, MO and raised in Southern California, Kat now resides in Norwich, CT, and works as an actress, singer and entertainer. One of her passions is historic fashion and theater.

Miss Kitty is an eclectic lady, who is equally at home in a bawdy saloon or an elegant parlor. She has been known to throw fabulous tea parties, where she lectures on the finer points of Victorian etiquette.

Her latest tea party was held at Steampunk Tempest, hosted by the Mark Twain House Museum in Hartford, CT.

She also sings with the Graces. (need we say more…?)

Jamie Lynn Wernick   (Miss Purdy)  

Jamie is a Vernon, CT native and studied theater and performance at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

Her experience includes roles in various New York Film Academy student projects and on-camera intensive classes.

Happy to be back in Connecticut, Jamie is actively involved in our local independent film industry.