Located in downtown Waltham, MA, this served as the location for our Steampunk Factory. Muchas Gracias to Elln Hagney – and of course, Fred. We couldn’t have done it without your infinite patience. This is a wonderful place of history and culture. Be sure to visit!
A local place to shop for great value and service. Molly Devaney and the rest of the “family” at Highland Park give so much to our community. When we reached out for donations we need with props – they welcomed the opportunity. Thanks for pitching in!
A big thanks to Phil Stratos and his team for donating materials for set props, and more importantly, loaning us a truck to get our set to Waltham! Located in Glastonbury, CT, you can trust GME for all your printing and mailing needs.
A final scene of filming was added at the last minute. Susan Dee and Chase Smith in Essex, CT were gracious enough to help us get our remaining footage. Open daily throughout the summer this is a great place to take the family for a ride and experience a bit of CT history.
Better late than never! This was a great event in the Spring that brought the entire genre to one city. Thank you for hosting “I am Steampunk”, the documentary and showing the “Steam Driven” teaser. And a big thanks to those who attended our panel discussion on Steampunk filmmaking!