We started with this setup to get some of the more technical lighting stuff done early.

This schedule allowed us to get footage while Extras had time to arrive and get ready.

Miss Purdy dressed for the ball

Original Art created specifically for our film. Thanks to Joey Marsocci and Dr. Grymm Laboratories

Art Director, Set Designer and Ajar co-owner, Tim Marchand in action. Intern associate, Derek Bedard (left)

Kevin Larson (Black Dog Films) is at home behind the camera

Steampunk artist Justin Stanely performed and designed key props. Technical props were built by the special f/x team.

Writer/Producer, Mike Marchand and Magda Grover, Assistant Director

Kat McNiff takes a much needed break before we wrap up our scenes at the Wauregan in downtown Norwich, CT

A+ for Extra effort! Thank you for all your time and talent!!

Dressed for work in another Kathryn Paternic original design

Ryan Fusari (middle right, in profile) advises us on special effects techniques. Co-Director, Elvis Diaz (far right)